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Hebrew studies:


Jewish studies elsewhere in Hungary:

Hungarian Society for Hebrew Studies
Jewish Theological Seminary – University of Jewish Studies (OR-ZSE), Budapest
Hebrew department and Hebrew program at the Pázmány Péter Catholic University
CEU Jewish studies program
HAS Library, Oriental Collection, Budapest (incl. the Kaufmann Collection)

Online resorces:

Magyar-Zsidó Oklevéltár (archives)
Egyenlőség (weekly newspaper, 1881/2-1938/44)
Magyar-Zsidó Szemle (monthly journal, 1884-1948)
IMIT-évkönyvek (yearbook, 1895-1948).
Hungaria Judaica
Magyar Zsidó Lexikon (Ujvári Péter, szerk., 1929.).


A list for entering characters with diacritics that are used in Jewish studies and Hebrew studies: txt and doc.